Attorney Fees

Fees and Payment Policies

Our office handles cases on a flat rate basis. You are generally given a flat fee to handle your case. In misdemeanor DUI cases there is a flat fee prior to trial and a separate fee if the case goes to trial. In felony DUI cases you will be given a flat fee for attorney work through and including the preliminary hearing and a separate fee for work following the preliminary hearing and including trial.

Many other DUI firms charge upfront for a trial, however, many cases resolve without going to trial, therefore there is no reason to pay for a trial unless your case actually is going to go to trial. By not charging upfront for trial, our pay structure will help keep your costs down.

My office accepts all forms of payment including cash, checks and all major credit cards. I also offer payment plans in many cases. Contact my office and I will give you an exact quote over the phone after discussing the facts of your particular case.